In the event that you should find our website entertaining and have visited the locations yourself, we are seeking your input in the form of personal stories and photos to be included on the site as it builds.

Should you choose to submit photos for consideration we ask that you "own the photo". That is to say that you either took the photograph yourself, or that you are shown in the photograph. We are not interested in pictures that you have found on other websites, scanned from magazines or that are copyrighted. If you believe that you have an interesting observation, story or photograph to include for our website, please use the link below to send it to the Webmaster.

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Links of interest provided by your humble Webmaster:

Law Enforcement / Public Safety:

The Washoe County Sheriffs Department

This agency provides boat patrol to the vicinity of beaches on this site although they do not have "primary jurisdiction".

(775) 328-2885

9-1-1 for Emergencies

The Carson City Sheriffs Department

This agency has "primary jurisdiction" in the vicinity of these beaches. Thier jurisdiction extends all the way over the hill to Carson City and only a small area of the county borders on Lake Tahoe.

(775) 887-2020

9-1-1 for Emergencies

U.S. Coast Guard, Lake Tahoe Station

The Coast Guard maintains a presence on Lake Tahoe because the lake shares borders with two states. They have a patrol station located in Tahoe City, but they patrol the entire lake. They will accept collect calls at the phone number given during true emergencies.

(530) 583-4433

9-1-1 for Emergencies  


Naturist Links:

The Naturist Society

Your Webmaster has been a member here for about the past nine years. You annual membership fee provides you with a card entitling you to entry and reduced fees in many nudist resorts as well as a quarterly magazine "N- The Magazine of Naturist Living". The magazine is nicely and tastefully done with many color pages detailing the Naturist Lifestyle. It also lists updates on sites worldwide and gives good information on legal issues.

The International Naturists Association

Your Webmaster has been a member here for about the past year. This group is headed by a few young Naturists near Fresno, CA. They have a nice website and do a weekly show available on the site titled "Nudes In The News" which is most entertaining and informative. The small annual membership fee is well worth the expense.

(559) 877-8722

Laguna del Sol

This is a very nicely appointed nudist resort located about sixteen miles east of Sacramento. They accept ASA members and affiliated groups. This is a location worth checking out.

(916) 687-6550

Bay Area Naturists (BAN)

This is another friendly and informative site which has caught my attention. They list locations. They also promote good social naturism and nudism. They're friendly folks too! Check 'em out!  

Tracy Sun Devils

This website is fee-based for those that wish full access to the site.  The site appears to be the hobby of Vera, the trim and fit wife of Rod.  Their site is graphics-intensive and features depictions of outings to the Yuba River, Laguna del Sol, The Cove, and parties at home.  Vera was kind enough to send some us some photos to use that show her braving the icy cold of winter in order to have a few nude moments at The Cove.


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